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Bass Anthology - 2021

Volume 1

Bass Anthology Vol. 1.jpg

Featuring on:

All Right, Then

Nguyên Lê: Guitar

Gergo Borlai: Drums

Romain Labaye: Bass, Keyboards, Composition

Phonic Nomads - 2021

The Nomads' Way

Front Cover - The Nomads' Way.jpeg

Archibald Ligonnière: Drums

Benjamin Petit: Sax
Romain Labaye: Bass


Scott Henderson

Nicki Gonzalez

Tanya Michelle

Anthony Strong

Olivier Louvel

Jerry Léonide

Manuel Rocheman

Michael Lecoq

Feed Ferbac

Kim Colett

Guillaume Farley

Kahina Ouali

Scott Jones - 2020

Fictional Characters


Scott Jones: Guitar, composition, programming
Steve Hunt: Keyboards
Archibald Ligonnière: Drums
Romain Labaye: Bass

Gergo Borlai - 2020

The Missing Song


Featuring on "Vinnie"

Gergo Borlai: Drums/Composition/programming
Mike Keneally: Guitar solo
Ben Thomas: Central Scrutinizer
Romain Labaye: Bass

The Big Hustle - 2019

Wish I Wrote Dat

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 5.51.13 PM.png

Featuring on "Three Views of Liberty City"

(Jaco Pastorius/arr. Sébastien Levanneur)

Sébastien Levanneur: Bass

Tao Ehrlich: Percussions
Romain Labaye: Bass

Les Divas Swing - 2019

"Sont de sortie"


Angélique Coradidi: Voice

Binta Dossa Diprima: Voice

Othman Coradidi: Voice

Jade Coradidi: Voice

Yannick Deborne: Guitar

Eric Mula: Trumpet

Samuel Maingaud: Saxs
Baptiste Herbin: Sax

Christophe Violland: Piano, Arrangements

Julien Roger: Drums

Julio Rakoto: Bass

Romain Labaye: Bass

Scott Henderson - 2019

People Mover


Scott Henderson: Guitar/Compositions
Archibald Ligonnière: Drums
Romain Labaye: Bass
Scott Kinsey: Electronic percussions

Francis Lassus - 2018

Chansons Fastoches


Featuring on "Le Chameau" 

Francis Lassus: Vocals/Drums/Composition

Aziz Aflak: Oud, Percussions, Voice

Kevin Nabil: Percussions

Félix Ngindu: Percussions, Voice

Romain Labaye: Bass

The Show - 2018

Drop Your Mask


Dorothée Doyer: Vocals
Nadia Simon: Vocals
Alexandre Hérichon: Trumpet
Philippe Sellam: Saxophones
Vincent Aubert Trombone
Timothée Bakoglu: Keys
Eddy Malka: Keys
Fred Lopez: Drums
Romain Labaye: Bass (synth solo on Change for The Wild)
guests :
Nina Attal: Vocals (on Happy Ghost)
Hadrien Féraud: Bass (on Funky Jump)
Feed Ferbac: Percussions

Joon Switon - 2018

The Voodoo Children


Featuring on « May This Be Love »

Joon Switon: Guitar/Arrangements
Tanya Michelle: Vocals
Matthew Edwards: Drums
Mike Clinton: Bass
Nicholas Vella: Keyboards
Romain Labaye: Fretless bass solo

Dali Mraz - 2018

Level 25


Featuring on 32th notes to Mraz & 21st Day

Dali Mraz: Drums/Piano/Programming

Marius Pop: Guitar

Romain Labaye: Bass

The Show - 2016

Good Question - Live!


Driss Farrio: Vocals
Bertrand Luzignant: Trombone
Philippe Sellam: Saxophone
Anthony Honnet: Organ/Clavinet
Fred Lopez: Drums
Romain Labaye: Bass

TOTEM - 2014

EP # 01


Alexandre Roudaut: Sax
Martin Lefebvre: Keys/piano
Gabriel Gosse: Guitars
Antonin Violot: Drums
Romain Labaye: Bass

Olivier Vonderscher - 2011



As part of the band TOTEM

Alexandre Roudaut: Sax

Martin Lefebvre: Keys/piano

Gabriel Gosse: Guitars

Alexandre Lucas: Drums

Romain Labaye: Bass

Wimps Blues Band - 2008

Route de l'enfer


Loïg Paul: Vocals/Guitar
Sebastien Hacquebart: Bass
Alban Alexandre: Keyboards
Romain Labaye: Drums, Clavinet

Le Train de l'espoir - 2006


Featuring on "Lydie Dit" by Pierre Gaudin

Pierre Gaudin: Keyboards/Vocal/Percussions/Composition
Laura Brély: Voice
Romain Labaye: Bass/Percussions

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