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Scott Henderson
Photo © Nikolay Nersesov

New Album out! "People Mover"

Get your copy here


Scott Henderson : Guitar
Archibald Ligonnière : Drums
Romain Labaye : Bass

Nguyên Lê

Songs of Freedom

Amazing project that I officially joined in 2013, we play

Nguyen’s personal versions of some of

the greatest 60's & 70’s pop/rock hits.

Nguyên Lê : guitar, laptop
Himiko Paganotti : voice
Illya Amar : vibraphone, electronics
Stéphane Galland/Gergo Borlai : drums
Romain Labaye : electric bass & vocals

Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream) - France - March 2021

Jimi's Back

Celebrating the music of Jimi Hendrix

This project follows Nguyên's previous tribute to

Jimi Hendrix, "Purple", with a new band

and new arrangements.

Nguyên Lê : guitar, laptop
Himiko Paganotti : voice
Gergo Borlai : drums
Romain Labaye : electric bass & vocals

Purple Haze - Algeria - August 2014

Dark Side Nine

Celebrating the Dark Side Of The Moon

This project revisits the music from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, arranged for a big band, and played live by 9 musicians as the « Dark Side Nine » Band.

Also adapted for a symphonic orchestra.

Nguyên Lê : guitar, laptop
Himiko Paganotti : voc
Illya Amar : vibraphone, electronics
Celine Bonacina (Pierre-Olivier Govin) : sax
Stéphane Guillaume (Francesco Bearzatti) : sax
Sylvain Gontard (David Enhco) : trumpet
Daniel Zimmerman (Gueorgui Kornazov) : trombone
Gergo Borlai (Nicolas Viccaro) : drums
Romain Labaye : Bass

Any Colour You Like - Switzerland - July 2018

Phonic Nomads

The Nomads' Way

Archibald Ligonnière - Romain Labaye


After many years playing for international artists, Archibald Ligonnière, and I finally decided to combine our forces together and create this new band, with the humble idea to propose something fresh.

Our first album is called The Nomads' Way and it features an amount of prestigious guests such as Scott Henderson, Manuel Rocheman, Tanya Michelle, Olivier Louvel, Nicki Gonzalez...

You can buy it here!

Have a look at our music videos!

Photo © Gildas Boclé
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