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Photo © Nikolay Nersesov

Born into an artistic family, Romain rapidly showed signs of an interest in

music and naturally focused his attention on the drums, which he

started playing at age 2. 


At around 5, he went to a "music introduction" class but found himself

more interested itrying every instruments in the room rather than listen to what the teacher said

Photo © Nathalie Labaye

At 9, he entered the drums & percussions class with French

percussionist Jean-Marc Quillet, who gave him many advice 

to improve his playing and the ear but never really taught him how to play

the drums, preferring to stimulate him and making him discover improvisation. 

He also introduced him to jazz, and offered him to join his jazz workshop.

It definitely had a big impact on his musical​ upbringing.

At 11, Romain started to play with some jazz musicians in Normandy such as saxophonist Laurent Dehors or pianists Pierre Gaudin & Joël Drouin.

At age 14, he experience his first major musical shock. Weather Report. Having not heard anything like this before, it became the reason why he wanted to play bass, completely mesmerized by Jaco Pastorius.

He never took a lesson, but spent countless hours listening, analyzing and transcribing everything he could.









Of course, Jaco Pastorius isn't the only bass player who influenced him.


Paul McCartney, Linley Marthe, Michel Alibo, Etienne Mbappé, Alphonso Johnson, Marcus Miller, Sting, Neil Jason, Stanley Clarke, and Paul Jackson also influenced his style and contributed to his evolution and his learning of the instrument.

Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, The Brecker Brothers, Wayne Shorter, Al Jarreau, Chick Corea, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Police and Michael Jackson are also an important part of his influences.

Photo © Pierre Gaudin

Between age 19 and 23, he attended Rémi Biet's jazz classes at his hometown conservatory and in the meantime, played with various musicians in Normandy, both as a drummer and bass player. 

In 2009, he founded the band TOTEM with some other friends of the conservatory. 


In September 2011, he moved to Paris to enter the renowned Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and he attended classes from Riccardo Del Fra, Glenn Ferris, Hervé Sellin, Jeff Ballard, Scott Colley, Danilo Perez, André Ceccarelli…

In the meantime, he would spend most of his nights at Le Baiser Salé Jazz Club, where he would meet and jam with some of the great names of the Parisian Jazz Scene such as Alain Debiossat, saxophonist of the band SIXUN, who will give him his first important gig.

In the spring of 2012, he met French saxophonist Céline Bonacina and she will hire him for what would be Romain's first tour ever. Their first gig together was at Cully Jazz Festival, opening for Carla Bley and Steve Swallow. They played together until 2014 and had the opportunity to perform at Jazz in Marciac & Jazz à Vienne, among other places. They would find each other again in Nguyên Lê's "Dark Side Nine" project in 2015.

He eventually leaves the conservatory after one year, in October 2012, to focus on his career.

In late 2012, he started working with French-Vietnamese guitar player Nguyên Lê and this will be the start of an ongoing collaboration on several projects such as Songs of Freedom, Jimi's Back!, Dark Side Nine, Nguyên Lê Trio, as well as some international projects with Vietnamese artists and musicians such as Tung Dung or the musical and acrobatic show "Overseas". 


In the fall of 2016, he became Scott Henderson‘s new bass player, along with drummer Archibald Ligonnière. Their new album, People Mover, has been released on July 1st, 2019. 

A new album called Karnevel! came out in February 2024. The trio still tours very actively to this day. 


In 2018, he founded the band Phonic Nomads with his friend Archibald Ligonnière and their first album is called The Nomads' Way.

Photo © Gildas Boclé

He played in some of the greatest jazz festivals and venues: Jazz à Vienne, Jazz in Marciac, Cully Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott's, The Baked Potato, The New Morning, Salle Pleyel, Paris Jazz Festival, La Défense Jazz Festival, Jazz sous les Pommiers and many others in the world …

Touring places: France, Reunion Island, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Ukraine, South Korea, China, India, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, United States, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Romania, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Mozambique, Portugal.

Throughout the years, Romain has performed or/and recorded with Nguyên Lê, Mario Canonge, Rocco Zifarelli, Francis Lassus, Paco Séry, Grégory Privat, Karim Ziad, Chander Sardjoe, Tino Di Geraldo, Gergo Borlai, Nicolas Viccaro, Alain Debiossat, Linley Marthe, Céline Bonacina, Stéphane Guillaume, Marc Ducret, Laurent Dehors, Philippe Sellam, Guillaume Orti, Stéphane Galland, Jerry Léonide, Yoann Schmidt, Archibald Ligonnière, Benjamin Petit, Christophe Cravéro, Damien Schmitt, François Faure, Daniel Zimmermann, Stéphane Chausse, Illya Amar, Himiko Paganotti, Antoine Paganotti, Emmanuel Borghi, Pierre Marcault, Amen Viana, Nenad Gajin,  Romain Berguin, Fred Lopez, Fred Dupont, Francis Arnaud, Loic Pontieux, Francois Constantin, Sylvain Gontard, Francesco Bearzatti, Federico Malaman, Nasrédine Dalil, Vincent Bidal, Stéphane Huchard, Jimi Drouillard, Nicolas Folmer, Julian Getreau, Joon Switon, Julien Goepp, Jo Champ, Jon Grandcamp, Jim Grandcamp, Philippe Devin, Hervé Samb, Michael Lecoq, Swaéli Mbappé, Arno De Casanove, Anthony Jambon, Tiss Rodriguez, Gabriel Gosse, Alex Roudaut, Martin Lefebvre, Omar El Barkaoui, Stéphane Edouard, Alex Tran, Prabhu Edouard, Julia Sarr, Ousman Danedjo, Yaneka, Pierre Gaudin, Catherine Raffaeli, Patrice Guillaumat, Jean-Loup Guillaumat, Denis Brély, Stéphane Bonnet, Gérard Yon, Guillaume Payen, Alexandre Rasse, Sylvia Fernandez, Frank Enouf, Laurent Meyer, Joël Drouin,  Holy Oysters, Tom Ibarra, Tung Duong, Michel Fugain, Thierry Maillard, Médéric Collignon, Tao Ehrlich, Edison Knight, Lucas Dauchez, Tanya Michelle, John Hadfield, Rémi Vignolo, Jean-Pierre Como, Louis Winsberg, Pierre Perchaud, Deve Golitin, Olivier Temime, Denis Guivarc'h, Jozef Dumoulin, Roger Biwandu, Pierre de Bethmann, Dean Brown, Marvin « Smitty » Smith, Nina Attal, Norbert Krief, Les Rapetous, Didier Lockwood, Moodoïd, David Linx, Jean-Mi Kajdan, Omri Mor, Scott Henderson, Joel Taylor, Mike Miller, Eve Cornelious, Nick & Leonid Vintskevich, Olivier Louvel, Mike Keneally, Eric Johnsen, Anatole Muster, Dhafer Youssef, Elijah Fox, Baptiste Herbin, Noé Chantraine, Julien Roger, César Aouillé, Romain Joutard, Nicholas Vella, Assa Matusse, La Zarra, Gnawa Diffusion, Gary Husband…

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